Jon, who has a side-hustle detailing cars recently got in touch and connected on the premise of developing a branding identity to get his business further off the ground.

Wordmark & Logo

Jon’s business - Jon’s Automotive Detailing, had no branding prior and had a vague idea of what and how he wanted his brand to be represented. The project specifications were that we develop something ‘different, modern and bold’. Whilst this was vague, it was a solid foundation for a branding project. I commenced work by researching the current market’s logo designs and have developed a concept which stands out from the crowd and ticks all of Jon’s requests.

The branding has been creatively engineered to provide Jon’s business with a modern, sharp and premium aesthetic. Blue is the colour Jon has chosen to associate with his branding, the designs have been approached without colour first to ensure the branding works in all aspects of his business, digital and print. As Jon’s business harnesses the power of social media, an additional mark was developed to equip the business with collateral needed to market on social media.