Jon’s Auto Detailing

Brand Identity Design

Project Overview

Jon, who has a side-hustle detailing cars recently got in touch and connected on the premise of developing a branding identity to get his business further off the ground. Jon’s business - Jon’s Automotive Detailing, had no branding prior and had a vague idea of what and how he wanted his brand to be represented. The project specifications were that we develop something ‘different, modern and bold’. Whilst this was vague, it was a solid foundation for a branding project.

I commenced work by researching the current market’s logo designs and have developed a concept which stands out from the crowd and ticks all of Jon’s requests.

Wordmark & Logo


Through market research, a trend was discovered in the niche that similar business mostly had type surrounded by the silhouette/outline of a car, complimented with a gradient. Acknowledging that this was definitely not the route Jon wanted to take, we came to a solution which is scalable and versatile.

For Jon’s wordmark I decided to use typeface Declotype Extrabold, the chunky bold lettering with sharp accenting was a great fit for Jon’s brief. Hierarchy was a focus here, stacking the business name and enlarging the ‘detailing’ type to create a focus on the service Jon offers.

Next, it was time to tackle the accompanying logo which turned out to be a spray bottle with the business name’s initials inside. Since the goal was to stay away from any cliché design styles as researched, I chose the spray bottle as that is something which is commonly associated with the detailing industry and cleaning. I explored a variety of concepts, yet this was the winning pick, to form the overall brandmark I pieced the wordmark and icon together. In application, these should be split, the icon is perfect for social profiles,
social media posts or decals and the full band mark is designed for use within brochures, headers and printed business collateral.

Colour & Print Guidelines

This project did not explore type guidelines beyond the wordmark as the focus was on getting the initial branding of his business sorted, expressing an interest in further developmental work, in the future. The colour of Jon’s branding was explored along with print guidelines. The minimum width for print and display of the wordmark is 80mm and 12 for the JD icon.

For Jon’s branding after a round of consultation, a light blue was decided upon for the overall colour. View the attached colour and print guidelines below.

Minimum print and display size for the word mark

Minimum print and display size for the word mark

Minimum print and display size for the icon

Minimum print and display size for the icon

Colour Swatch for the brand colour

Colour Swatch for the brand colour

Design Mockups

View the mockups below showing Jon’s branding in action!

JD BC.png