Five Sisters Café, a rebranding

Branding & Collateral Redesign

Project Overview + Goals

During a design internship I undertook at a local design studios, ADS under the creative direction of Penny Panorea, I was appointed to redesign a local café, Five Sisters. I was tasked to develop a new brand identity along with a menu design. The branding Five Sisters had in use before the rebrand was in dire need of a refresh along with the menu which was unrefined.

The Process

The cafe, before rebranding, had a rather dated wordmark and no accompanying logo. The café wanted to keep an organic feel but were after a fresh, legible version of their wordmark and an accompanying logo.

Regarding the wordmark, after I conducted existing brand research, I discovered that the cafe is named after the owners 5 sisters and the cafe owners have a focus on bringing through their greek heritage and good values by delivering a quality service and hand making all foods for purchase. The chosen wordmark was designed from the ground up to communicate the meaningful message which backs the brand. As for the icon, it was derived directly from the wordmark and when used in combination will build brand recognition. This accompanying icon is suitable for a range of digital and print based applications including;

  • Packaging

  • Social Media Posts

  • Photography Watermarks

  • Browser Icons

  • Social Media Profile Images

The cafe also wanted to update their menu to; carry more meaning, be legible and fit with the rest of the brand identity. Taking this into consideration, the solution was to create a tri-fold brochure style menu. The design is a refresh over the current, laminated single page design and is easier to read as each of the three sections have their own column. This layout allowed for the communication of the brands story and meaning with a dedicated space, following after the front cover, to share the cafes story.

The Outcome

See the resolved outcome for the project, below!

Coffee Pouch12.png