Interested in working with me? Here’s the scoop!

Stage 1 - Free Consultation

All design projects start off with a half hour, free-consultation so I can learn; a bit more about your business/brand, what your goals are and what service you’re after.
Once we’re both on the same page, we can discuss the project in further detail to work out deadlines and a quote! 

Stage 2 - Contract & Work agreement 

After the initial consultation, I’ll follow up with a basic contractual work agreement. This is important for you and I, as it sets the core project details in stone and prevents any possible miscommunications on either end throughout the project so you and I are both fully aware of the: costs involved, deadlines and deliverables. A project deposit will be required to ensure that we both are committed to the project and building your brand! 

Stage 3 – Project work commences

Once both the consultation and work agreement is finalised, I’ll begin work on your project!

  Part 1 – Flesh out the design brief & begin project research

  • Every project starts with solid research into not only your brand, niche or product and service but also research into the market and potential-competitors.

  Part 2 – Concept Development

  • Once the project research has been conducted I begin work on creating the design concepts. Once I’ve developed a wealth of concepts and ideas,
    I begin to narrow down the conceptual work to 3 concepts for presentation.

  Part 3 – Concept Presentation

  • After I’ve narrowed down the conceptual work to 3 concepts, I prepare these concepts for presentation to you. Once the concepts are ready for presentation I’ll get in touch & schedule another consultation so I can run you down on the concepts, detailing each with rationale and gathering your feedback. After our second chat, I’ll make any amendments, send a follow up email and if you’ve given me the green light I’ll prepare the files for delivery.

Stage 4 – Project Delivery

The best part is always saved for last, project delivery! Once the files are all prepared and you’ve paid the last installment, I’ll email them through in the required sizes & file types for your application.

Ready? What are you waiting for!